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February 2024

Morrisons Foundation Music Project brings lively music to our training centre

Our Music therapy offers vulnerable people the opportunity to use music to express themselves & explore their creativity, boost their confidence & sense of self-worth. Music brings people together & fosters partnership/group working, and can have a powerful impact on emotions, promoting emotional well-being which can potentially serve as a therapeutic outlet for some. 

Thanks to generous funding from the Morrisons Foundation, we were able to buy some specialised instruments and sound equipment. This will enable us to Provide a diverse range of musical activities to cater to different interests & abilities, by offering a variety of options, participants can find something that resonates with them and keeps them engaged.  

to enable those with mobility/dexterity impairments, to play a variety of instruments and blend sounds seamlessly to create beautiful compositions. 

The impact our sessions have had for some of our clients.... 

Before his brain injury, Barry was an active member of a band, indulging in a passion that brought him immense joy. Determined to reignite that flame, he's been committed to attending sessions despite the challenges. Through his determination, he's gradually reclaiming his musical skill, mastering chords and blending them with backing sounds to create astonishing sounds. 

Zara loves to sing and through our music therapy, we discovered that she has the voice of an angel. With the help of Jonathan, our Centre Co-ordinator, she recorded herself singing while he accompanied her on the piano. Zara has rediscovered a passion that she never thought she would enjoy again. 

Despite facing blindness and limited hand function, Samson has adeptly mastered bass guitar and some percussion instruments. With our trainers' support, he has blended these sounds using specialised equipment, resulting in an amazing musical composition. 

A few examples of how our sessions have inspired individuals to relive and enjoy their passion. 

Samson is blind and only has use of one hand, but with the guidance and help of our trainers, he has learned to play bass guitar and percussion instruments using an electric music board. He was delighted with the amazing piece of music he was able to create with our support. 

Stories of progress, discovery, and creativity such as these are shared every day in our Paddock Wood centre, and to our outreach team, who bring digital skills learning to people in the community who are unable to attend the centre. We are here to help people in Kent learn and thrive, and we can help you too.  

Click here to find out more about our digital skill service:  

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