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Digital skills

Digital skills

Our digital skills training services ensure that everyone has safe, affordable, and confident access to the internet, closing the digital divide for hundreds of people across Kent through accessibility and 1-to-1 support.

While millions of people take access to the internet and online services for granted every day, thousands remain excluded through a lack of skills, confidence and access to digital devices and broadband wifi. This digital divide is especially marked among disabled and other disadvantaged people, where accessibility and affordability are regular barriers. Recent Government statistics showed that 22% of disabled people did not have regular access to the internet, rising to 59% of disabled people aged 75 and over.

One effect of the Coronavirus pandemic was to widen this divide, as many companies and public authorities moved their services entirely online. Critical government and health information can only now be found on the internet, and streaming entertainment services have become the only way to access music, film and television. It has never been more critical that everyone has access to high speed broadband, digital devices, and the skills and confidence to use these.

Compaid helps hundreds of people to overcome these and other barriers every month, ensuring they can access the internet confidently and safely. Following a visit from Kent Police, this link will give you online safety tips to help keep you safe and avoid increasing scams.

We provide one to one sessions with learners, working at their chosen pace, with accessible hardware and software as required, including adapted keyboards and screen readers. We can also loan pre-paid 4G broadband units, and laptops and digital tablets, to those who need these to access our training and support. Sessions can be delivered in person or remotely using Zoom.

Digital skills literally open up the world for everyone who has them. From exploring passions and interests with like-minded people across the globe, keeping in touch with family and friends however distant, working remotely in another country, to enjoying millions of songs and films at our fingertips, there is no end to the possibilities. Compaid ensures that disabled and other vulnerable people have access to this life-changing technology.

Digital skills

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