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Compaid helps disabled, older and other vulnerable people to overcome the barriers of social, digital and economic exclusion

About us

Compaid helps disabled, older and other vulnerable people to overcome the barriers of social and digital exclusion, and to live their lives to the full.

Each year, thousands of people use our digital skills training and accessible transport services in and around the South East of England.

Working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, job centres and other charities, our staff and volunteers change lives for the better every day.

More About Compaid

How we help

Digital Skills Training

We provide one to one support to learn how to safely use the internet, social media, and apps such as Microsoft Office and Corel Draw. Training is offered at our own Training Centre, or remotely in people’s own homes.

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Accessible Transport

We provide door to door transport for disabled and older people to access local shops, day services, medical appointments and outings with family and friends. We offer a choice of wheelchair accessible vehicles, from minibuses for large groups to smaller adapted cars.

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What people have said about us

  • “A massive thank you for giving me the confidence to explore computers. This has been absolutely invaluable to me in starting my new career path after a long break.”

    Tracey, disabled job seeker in Maidstone

  • “After a traffic accident, I wanted to put my computer experience to good use, helping others to gain digital skills. Volunteering at Compaid helped me with my own speech and increased my confidence and independence.”

    Dave, Compaid volunteer


Digital Skills Training: Our Big Give Christmas Challenge

The focus of our 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge, which you can donate to from Midday on Tuesday 28th November 2023 - Midday on Tuesday 5th December 2023, is:  Digital Skills Training Digital skills are fundamental to use digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and the internet confidently.   Many of us take for granted how simple it seems to shop, entertain ourselves, work and manage our lives using these technologies, but according to a recent report by Lloyds Bank, approximately 11 million people in the UK lack the skills needed to get online. As our world becomes more reliant on technology, it is important that everyone, no matter their level of ability, has access to the resources needed to live with confidence.   Our digital skills support is available to older, disabled, isolated and vulnerable people living in Kent. Our experienced and friendly trainers identify learning objectives at the start of sessions, and work with each individual at their pace to learn new digital skills and build confidence. Where our trainer identifies other barriers impacting on an individual's financial situation, such as managing debt or housing benefits, they will work with trusted local advice charities to provide wraparound support.   These are some of the areas our digital skills support covers:   Setting up and using email  Using Google and Outlook accounts  Looking at laptop/smartphone functionality  CV work  Interview questions and techniques  Online job hunting  Looking for online courses on a range of subjects  Social Media usage  Looking at volunteer opportunities  Language and literacy work  By donating through our 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge, you will be contributing to the provision and expansion of our digital skills support service, enabling our team of trainers to grow, and bringing new learning opportunities and resources to our clients.   Save the date: Midday on 28th November our Big Give Campaign will go live, and you can donate, helping us reach our £10,000 target. For more information about the Big Give Christmas Challenge and to donate, click here: 

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The 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge is starting soon

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest match-funded campaign.   For seven days, the challenge offers supporters of Compaid the opportunity to double their donations — and, in doing so, make a difference to the digital skills support we offer to vulnerable people who need our help.   You can donate to the campaign and help us reach our goal of £10,000 from Midday on Tuesday 28th November 2023 - Midday on Tuesday 5th December 2023.   Our Big Give Campaign target this year aims to continue closing the digital divide for vulnerable people across Kent.   Digital technology is a necessity for everything we do; it's how we communicate, access medical appointments, consume our news, shop, and entertain ourselves. What's clear is that digital technology now refers to a new world of exciting opportunities, especially for young people hoping to move into work.   It is becoming clear that Digital skills are not just a convenience in today's world; they are a critical necessity for vulnerable learners to overcome barriers, access opportunities, and lead more inclusive and empowered lives. Compaid are here for anyone who requires our support to gain basic skills, to get online or simply understand how to use their digital devices.   During this week’s challenge, your donation will be matched £ for £ at no extra cost to you!  This means that if you give £10, Compaid will receive £20. An additional £2.50 on every £10 can be reclaimed by us, at no additional cost to you, if you are a UK taxpayer and tick the Gift Aid box.   We appreciate times are financially tough for everyone now, so, whatever you can afford to donate will make a world of difference to someone in need.  Save the date: 28th November at 12 noon is when you can donate to the Big Give Campaign! The festive season of giving is the best opportunity to give back to the community and make someone’s holiday season a little better!  For more information about the Big Give Christmas Challenge, click here: 

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National Stress Awareness Day 2023

Johnny is a young man who attends our digital skills centre each week. He is kind, passionate and highly creative, but lives with learning and mobility challenges which present a certain level of stress in his daily life. We asked him about his challenges and how our support services help to relieve his stress.   "There are times when my situation gets to me. I often get angry or sad because I can sense that people are frustrated with me because of my challenges and since I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, the stress can pile up. There are times I look at myself in the mirror and wonder how I even ended up like this. Some days I feel out of control, and it can get lonely without any way to express that.”  Johnny has been attending Compaid for several years, and over that time, has focused his learning on reading and writing using specific software and equipment with the support of our encouraging trainers. Over time, we have noticed that he has become more open and easily makes friends, which he puts down to the comfortable and sociable atmosphere within our centre.  “I have always loved trains. Gathering information about different locomotives, railway systems, and learning about how the engines have evolved over the years brings me so much joy. Initially not being able to use a computer to compile all my findings only added to my stress, as I couldn’t invest in my passion as much as I wanted to. That's where Compaid has really changed my life.”  “The trainers understand what I’m going through with my dyslexia, and visual impairment, and that alone is a comfort. I use a high contrast keyboard which helps me see letters and keys easier, and the staff and volunteers encourage and support me while I work on improving my writing and reading through online courses. They are so patient and encouraging, and that really helps me feel better about my learning.”   “I feel a lot more confident in myself now attending sessions at Compaid, writing helps me relax, express myself and be creative. I’ve written so many stories and now feel that I am confident enough to share with others. The more I write, the happier I feel, and it’s all thanks to Compaid.”  We are aware that there are many more people like Johnny out there struggling alone. Could we help you or someone you know? 

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