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Compaid helps disabled, older and other vulnerable people to overcome the barriers of social, digital and economic exclusion

About us

Compaid helps disabled, older and other vulnerable people to overcome the barriers of social and digital exclusion, and to live their lives to the full.

Each year, thousands of people use our digital skills training and accessible transport services in and around the South East of England.

Working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, job centres and other charities, our staff and volunteers change lives for the better every day.

More About Compaid

How we help

Digital Skills Training

We provide one to one support to learn how to safely use the internet, social media, and apps such as Microsoft Office and Corel Draw. Training is offered at our own Training Centre, or remotely in people’s own homes.

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Accessible Transport

We provide door to door transport for disabled and older people to access local shops, day services, medical appointments and outings with family and friends. We offer a choice of wheelchair accessible vehicles, from minibuses for large groups to smaller adapted cars.

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What people have said about us

  • “A massive thank you for giving me the confidence to explore computers. This has been absolutely invaluable to me in starting my new career path after a long break.”

    Tracey, disabled job seeker in Maidstone

  • “After a traffic accident, I wanted to put my computer experience to good use, helping others to gain digital skills. Volunteering at Compaid helped me with my own speech and increased my confidence and independence.”

    Dave, Compaid volunteer


The Impact of Accessible Learning: Paul's Story

There are countless stories in our digital skills training centre of people whose lives have been transformed by the welcoming environment, encouraging trainers, and access to learning and friendship with others. This is one such story.   Meet Paul, a man in his 50s who started at Compaid to learn to read and write, skills which he never had the opportunity to gain when he was younger. Living with both a learning and physical disability, Paul has spent most of his time at home, not socialising with anyone outside his family, and watching TV all day for entertainment.  His sister-in-law says, “It is difficult to overstate the positive effect that Compaid has had on Paul’s life – in his confidence, his happiness, his living life in general.”   Eighteen months ago, encouraged by his brother and sister-in-law, Paul began searching for new activities to enrich his daily life. He discovered exactly what he needed at Compaid’s digital skills centre. Paul, a man brimming with creativity, curiosity, and talent, has made remarkable progress with the wide range of opportunities provided by our friendly trainers.  Socially, Paul has grown since joining Compaid, enjoying conversations with trainers and other clients. In terms of personal development, Paul has focused on learning to read and write for the first time. He now keeps a blog, explores digital painting, becomes more active by participating in SEN tennis with other clients, moves around the centre independently, traces his family tree, and notably, learns programming.  Each week, Paul participates in sessions based on the 'Hour of Code' website, completing simple coding tasks that require reading and basic numeracy skills. This challenge has spurred him to learn more and apply his skills creatively, resulting in a wonderful robotic device for our digital skills training centre. Using a BBC micro, Paul built a small robot that beeps at intervals to remind people to follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes of computer use, look away for 20 seconds at something at least 20 feet away.  Paul said, “My activities at Compaid have given me a great sense of achievement. I feel that I am now spending my time meaningfully.”  Paul's story is just one of many inspiring journeys from our center, and we are eager to share more of these with you! 

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Marsh Charitable Trust visits Compaid's Digital Skills Training Centre

We had the pleasure of welcoming Heather Crombie, a representative from Marsh Charitable Trust, to our digital skills centre.  She spoke to our Outreach It Trainer, Sara, and our Fundraising Manager, Diane, about how the trust's 33 years of generous funding enables us to provide transformative digital skills training to clients in our Paddock Wood centre, and through our Outreach, which brings our training into the community. We have been able to purchase innovative equipment, hardware and software that makes gaining skills more accessible to learners of all abilities, and to hire more trainers inside and outside of our centre that can support even more people across Kent.  Heather met with some of our clients during her visit, and talked to them about how Compaid's 1:1 personalised training has supported their individual needs and learning requirements. One client said: "After my stroke, the doctors told me I wouldn't ever be able to read or write again, and as I loved to write poetry, this was very upsetting for me. But Compaid has changed that completely! Every week, my trainer and I worked on reading and writing lessons. They never rushed me or made me feel silyl when I stumbled over my words, and now, I can speak and read and write again! It wouldn't have been possible at all without Compaid's help. It was exactly what I needed."        We were delighted also to receive a cheque for £1500 from Marsh Charitable Trust following this visit, which will enable our digital skills team to provide support to even more disadvantaged people across Kent who need additional support to get online safely and confidently.  Thank you again to Marsh Charitable Trust for your continued generosity and support of our organisation.

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Barratt Development PLC donate 20 laptops to Compaid

We want to thank Barratt Developments PLC for their generous donation of 20 HP laptops!  These laptops will will support our clients and vulnerable learners through our digital skills training in our centre and out in the community, as they learn crucial computer and digital skills with our trainers that will support their inclusion, confidence, and independence.  David Thomas, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments, said: “We are delighted to donate 20 of our refurbished laptops to Compaid. The charity does amazing work supporting vulnerable people overcome the barriers of social, digital and economic exclusion, and these new laptops will help them deliver that support.” Thank you once again to Barratt Developments PLC for their support of our organisation and the support we provide to many people across Kent.  

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