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Outcomes for service users

Outcomes for service users

All of our digital skills learners set their personal and professional objectives at the beginning of our support sessions, and achievement against these is monitored on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the regularity of the training. We also evaluate the wider impact of our digital skills training on our service users’ lives on an annual basis.

For some individuals, our one to one support gave them the confidence to access other training opportunities in larger group settings, such as local colleges. For others, their new digital skills gave them the edge in applying for work, and many learners have moved into full and part-time employment as a result of our sessions.

From our most recent social impact survey, respondents told us the following:

  • 56% had increased the number of hobbies they were able to enjoy
  • 49% had increased their awareness of online safety
  • 41% were socialising more with family and friends online
  • 41% had increased their access to other training courses online
  • 31% had increased their access to online health information

Connor's story

Connor wanted to learn computer programming, but his anxiety and lack of confidence related to his autism, meant that he very rarely left the house. After a Compaid trainer visited him at home, and Connor began to learn coding, his confidence grew. Before long, Connor felt happy to attend our training centre.

Here, Connor was able to progress from simple programming to designing computer games and creating original music tracks. One of his compositions is now being used as a jingle on local hospital radio. In addition, by coming to our centre every week, Connor has made new friends and now sometimes goes out on his own to meet them – as well as playing games with them online when at home.

“My life has changed a lot,” Connor explains. “I’m nothing like how I was a few years ago. I had bad anxiety, didn’t want to do anything and I had real anger issues. Now I feel more confident and definitely more happy in my life.”

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