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Outcomes for service users

Outcomes for service users

Our aim is to ensure a safe and smooth journey for every passenger, with support from door to door from our trained and experienced drivers who can assist in every way from boarding our vehicles and stowing shopping safely in the kitchen at home. Regular passengers come back time and again to get to local day services and community centres, or for recurring medical appointments at hospitals and local GP surgeries.

We evaluate the wider impact of our transport services on our passengers’ lives on an annual basis.

As well as the positive impacts from the journeys we provide, our transport service helps people to better access their local community, with many physical and mental health benefits as a result.

From our most recent social impact survey, respondents told us the following:

  • 95% felt more independent getting out of their homes
  • 92% gained more confidence in making trips
  • 92% felt less lonely by mixing with others
  • 89% had made new friends on their journeys
  • 65% made savings while out shopping in the town

Mrs Watson's Story

When Mrs Watson was widowed, she lost not only her husband but also her connection to the local community. As she could not drive herself, she felt increasingly isolated in her small hamlet some five miles from the nearest town. As a pensioner on a tight budget, she was restricted to short shopping outings once a week to meet the timetable of her nearest limited bus service.

On hearing of Compaid’s Dial a Ride service around Sevenoaks, Mrs Watson signed up and quickly became a regular traveller. She is now able to plan her shopping trips into town, arrange to have lunch with friends and family, and visit doctors and dental surgeries all on the same day. These outings have also helped to reduce her loneliness

“The Compaid drivers have been so wonderful helping me with my shopping bags and always willing to assist without hesitation”

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Outcomes for service users

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