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Compaid celebrates International Friendship Day

For International Friendship Day, we talked to Mike, a young man with dyslexia who attends our centre, about how learning new digital skills and forging new friendships has really helped him enjoy his experience attending our centre to learn. Mike commented....  “Over the years that I've been coming to the centre which helps my dyslexia, I've met a lot of people and have eventually made friends with them. There are a handful now that I even talk to outside of Compaid. We have a group chat on Facebook and check in on each other from time to time and see how everyone is doing, which is cool.”  Mike is a regular attender at our training centre and over the years, we have watched a great friendship develop. We asked Mike how his learning progress has been impacted by the friendships he has made.  “Right now, I‘m working through two courses: one on coding and another one to help my dyslexia. Both are useful for me because I want to make a webpage for my mum, and I'm already interested in gaming and coding anyway. Also, one of my closest friends in the centre is also really into coding and gaming, and the trainer I usually work with also has dyslexia which makes learning more comfortable for me. It's nice to work with someone who understands what I struggle with and be able to enjoy the process with my friend also.”  Mike went on to say: “Honestly, the friends I’ve made here and being able to learn all this cool stuff while having coffee and chatting to them, makes the centre very welcoming. I don’t know what I'd be doing without all the support from my friends and centre trainers. It's a lovely place to be.”  

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Compaid ambassador, Zak Skinner, wins Bronze Medal at the 2023 World Para-Athletic Championships

We are so proud to announce that Zak Skinner, Compaid’s ambassador, won a Bronze Medal in the T-13 Long Jump Men’s Final in the 2023 World Para-Athletic Championships, as well as achieving a lifetime best jump of new personal best as he jumped 6.97 metres!   Compaid could not be prouder of Zak and his accomplishments in this world class event. As his manager Anna commented “It's been a challenging preparation for the current European Champion, as he's fought hamstring injury over the past year. But world class achievement doesn't come without hard work and Zak couldn't have trained harder in preparation for this competition; on the track, in the weights room, with the physio not to mention his mental preparation.”   Zak has proven once again that no matter what your level of ability/disability that with hard work, commitment & determination targets and success are possible.  We look forward to supporting Zak and his athletics success unfolds as we look forward to the Paralympics in Paris 2024.

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Compaid Passenger celebrates 100th Birthday

Joan Martin has been travelling on Compaid’s Northwest dial-a-ride service for the last 8 years. She travels regularly to Bluewater and Dartford with her mobility scooter.She celebrated her 100th birthday at the beginning of June, so our deputy transport manager, Lynn, went up to meet her in person as they have only spoken to each other over the phone to book trips. To celebrate her amazing 100 years, her family organised a week of celebrations even bringing her granddaughters over from Australia to surprise her.She told us she had the most amazing time. Having driven her for so many years, our driver Mark presented her with flowers and a card and Lynn took her chocolates when they finally met up recently. What a pleasure it is to support such a wonderful lady through our accessible transport. To find our more about our transport services, click here: 

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