Some comments from those who use our services:

“Martin has visual and hearing impairments, and lives in a home for older people. Our Outreach team has helped Martin to develop his computer skills, and Martin is now organising his finances and personal correspondence independently online, without having to rely on family for help. He has also learned how to use Skype and email efficiently and begun more regular communication.”

“I enjoy the company and friendship that Compaid provides as well as learning new computer skills. It is a real lifeline to me at the moment especially as I am in a nursing home situation at present and unable to get out as often as I would like.”

“Before my neighbour mentioned about Compaid buses I found shopping and meeting friends a real struggle and I often went days without seeing anyone. Now with the support of Compaid transport, each week a friendly driver picks me up from my home and assists me into the bus which then takes me to a large supermarket in the next town. Here I am able to shop for all the items I need and also allows me time to enjoy a coffee and a chat with other shoppers whilst waiting for the bus to return and take me home.”

““My life has changed a lot. I’m nothing like how I was a few years ago. I had bad anxiety, didn’t want to do anything and I had real anger issues. Now I feel more confident and definitely more happy in my life.”

“The Compaid drivers have been so wonderful helping me with my shopping bags and always willing to assist without hesitation.

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