Our social impact | Compaid | Meeting the changing needs of disabled people

Compaid is a Kent-based charity employing over 50 staff across the county and supported by more than 45 regular volunteers.

In 2017 we delivered over 8,000 digital skills training sessions, both at our dedicated Training Centre and in community settings throughout Kent and Medway.

Disabled learners gain benefits that go beyond the acquisition of IT skills, including improved wellbeing and social and economic inclusion.

Compaid’s Transport Service provides a vital lifeline to over 1,300 disabled adults, children, and frail elderly people across Kent. In 2017 our fleet of 22 fully accessible vehicles made over 35,000 journeys covering 350,000 miles.

Our disabled passengers gain benefits that go beyond getting out and about, including improved wellbeing and social inclusion. We also leverage our transport services to assist service users getting to/from learning environments.

We co-operate closely with local schools, colleges and JobCentres to offer apprenticeships and work experience placements.

Working with external consultants, we have measured and analysed the wider social impact of our work, and in March 2018 we published our second Social Impact Report, which can be downloaded here.


A client receiving training on Outreach at a Priory Group home  Shoppers getting off minibus